Crane door systems

ASSA ABLOY crane door at Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH, Germany
ASSA ABLOY crane door at Frerk Aggregatebau GmbH, Germany
ASSA ABLOY crane door at Bison Concrete Products, Leeds UK
Chicago - ASSA ABLOY crane door at Bridge & Iron USA
ASSA ABLOY crane doors systems at Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery
ASSA ABLOY crane doors at China Nuclear Power in Dalian City, China
ASSA ABLOY crane door at China Nuclear

Crane door systems to help provide rapid, reliable and energy-efficient operation

Specifically designed to fit the crane and crane rails and lifting vertically, the door requires virtually no side room and no floor tracks. Simple and safe to operate, it is ideal for extreme weather conditions and offers a tight seal, which helps you reduce energy consumption. Depending on door size, high-speed operation is also available.

The crane door systems minimize your construction costs by permitting a virtually unlimited opening width with variable height. Depending on the opening shape and the placement of the crane rail, various door designs can be created with or without swing-up mullions. 

Working with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems puts your facility in the hands of skilled and experienced engineers who are ready to support you through the entire operating life of your crane doors. Receive the highest-class expertise – from site analysis and engineering specifications to installation, commissioning, service and support.

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric doors 

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 vertical-lifting fabric doors are ideal for heavy industrial facilities that need large doors through which a crane can pass. They provide fast, safe and reliable operation under any conditions. The door can be made to almost any size and has virtually no side room requirements or footprint. Thanks to excellent air tightness and resistance to high winds, it minimizes heat loss and provides a viable working environment for demanding tasks.

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