ASSA ABLOY material handling doors

ASSA ABLOY RP100 material handling doors
ASSA ABLOY RP100 material handling doors

Improve safety and efficiency within automated production process with ASSA ABLOY high-performance material-handling doors

Material handling doors were designed to guarantee the safety, reliability and efficiency of automated production processes on a 24/7 production basis. These types of doors are integrated into the actual production process, as a physical protection barrier for people working in the automation process or to separate machines or production cells. Specific designs are available for robotics, welding, laser welding, or press lines,  as well as BUS integration and conveyor belt transport systems to reflect the special demands of each industry.


The ASSA ABLOY RP100 has been especially designed for interior use in fully automated conveyor processes without pedestrian traffic or operators passing the door. Small footprint of side frames and top roll area facilitate implementation in racking systems with minimal space requirements.


ASSA ABLOY RP300 machine protection doors are heavy-duty high-speed doors designed for automated processes and production lines. Built with a minimal number of parts, these rugged machine-guarding doors are reliable, easy to install and require low maintenance. ASSA ABLOY RP 300 machine protection doors offer protection to staff working close to automated manufacturing processes. The safety concept of these roll-up doors allows a compact production setup, being installed at short distance from the automated machines. At the same time fast opening- and closing-cycle times increase product flow and process productivity.


ASSA ABLOY RP2000 doors are high-speed machine protection doors with a rigid curtain made of aluminum slats that provides the utmost protection from automated machine activity. This door was specifically developed for robot and laser welding applications. The ASSA ABLOY RP2000 series features smart design elements that improve automation, ensure safety and help meeting high industry standards. The ASSA ABLOY RP2000 opens incredibly fast ensuring short cycle-times – up to 5 door cycles per minute are possible. The rugged design stands up in harsh, industrial environments and provides process reliability after a high number of cycles.

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