Classic swing door operators

ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing door operator
ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing door operator
ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing operator
ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing operator
ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing - classic swing door operator

The ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing swing door operator for medium- to heavy-traffic entrances

Robust and durable, the PowerSwing is an electrohydraulic operator suitable for applications requiring heavy doors in high-traffic environments, like hospital corridors and busy retail operations.

ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing is suitable for applications such as: heavy-duty, interior and exterior entrances, single- and double-leaf doors, push and pull applications, fire doors and escape routes.

Safety compliance

The ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing complies with EN 1634-1, DIN 18263-4, EN 16005, UL 325, EN 1158 and ANSI/BHMA A156.10, A156.19.

BIM objects

Environmental Product Declaration

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Technical description

ASSA ABLOY PowerSwing swing door operator

  • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz /120 V AC, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption max.: 230 W
  • Auxiliary voltage: 24 V DC, max. 700 mA
  • Electromechanical locking connection: 24 V DC, max. 375 mA
  • Ambient temperature: -15° to +30°C
  • Relative humidity (non condensing) 85%
  • Max recommended Inertia J: for PUSH = 80 kgm² and for PULL = 28 kgm²
  • Class of protection IP20
  • Integrated coordination unit for double fire doors

Product Brochure

BR_AAES_SW-Range_EN_LR.pdf (.pdf, 3.8 MB)

Product Leaflets

Product_leaflet_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing_en_PREVIEW.pdf (.pdf, 265 kB)

Product Drawings

Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Door mounted PUSH_en.dwg (.dwg, 162 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Door mounted PUSH_en.pdf (.pdf, 1009 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Fire door PUSH_en.dwg (.dwg, 164 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Fire door PUSH_en.pdf (.pdf, 1 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Fire door PUSH-2_en.dwg (.dwg, 198 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Fire door PUSH-2_en.pdf (.pdf, 618 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL as pushing_en.dwg (.dwg, 142 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL as pushing_en.pdf (.pdf, 154 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL MC_en.dwg (.dwg, 146 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL MC_en.pdf (.pdf, 1018 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL_en.dwg (.dwg, 238 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL_en.pdf (.pdf, 198 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL-2 MC_en.dwg (.dwg, 199 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PULL-2 MC_en.pdf (.pdf, 610 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH FC_en.dwg (.dwg, 196 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH FC_en.pdf (.pdf, 600 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH MC_en.dwg (.dwg, 211 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH MC_en.pdf (.pdf, 1018 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH_en.dwg (.dwg, 142 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH_en.pdf (.pdf, 596 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH_PULL_en.dwg (.dwg, 248 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH_PULL_en.pdf (.pdf, 1 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH-2 FC_en.dwg (.dwg, 206 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH-2 FC_en.pdf (.pdf, 614 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH-2_en.dwg (.dwg, 139 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-PUSH-2_en.pdf (.pdf, 172 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Slide track_en.dwg (.dwg, 192 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_PowerSwing-Slide track_en.pdf (.pdf, 1023 kB)
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